What You Need to Know About The Ford Ranger Off Road Bumper


A bumper is a shield that is made of aluminum, steel, plastic or rubber and is mounted at the front or rear of a vehicle. In case of a low speed collision, the shock is absorbed by the Ford Ranger Front Bumper and this reduces or prevents damage to the vehicle. There are even bumpers that use brackets or energy absorbers while others are usually made of the foam cushioning material.

What is the role of the Ford Ranger Off-road bumper?

The goal of the car bumper is to reduce physical damage that can occur at the front as well as rear end of the passenger car when a low-speed collision occurs. The car bumpers haven’t been designed as structural components that can contribute to the protection of occupants when front or even the rear collision occurs. This is not a safety feature that is meant to prevent injury or mitigate their severity. The goal of the Ford Ranger Front Bumper is to protect the trunk, hood, fuel, exhaust, grille, cooling system and the features that are safety related like headlamps, parking lights and taillights during the low speed collision.

Why choose the Ford ranger off-road replacement bumpers?

For many years, Ford has been manufacturing some top quality bumpers. The name is among the leading in the industry when it comes to the manufacture of front and rear end bumpers. There are some good reasons why you need to take advantage of the Ford Ranger bumpers. These are strong, durable and leave a lasting impression of the vehicle. Whether you will be using it for the truck, SUV or Jeep to take that casual drive or even for offroad driving, you will find the necessary bumper from Ford Ranger. This is because Ford manufactures bumpers that can be able to handle the roughest as well as most extreme conditions. You will commonly find their bumpers on the offroad vehicles and enthusiasts will rave about the Ford front and rear bumpers due to their quality, performance, value and look in the industry.

The Ford Ranger front bumpers are usually durable and are able to withstand the force that would result from a heavy-duty winch. This is the reason why the front bumper is the right place for adding the recovery winch. The bumpers have also been built to add the high ground clearance since they come with raised corners as well as high degree approach angels. Since many of them are bolt-on bumpers, no modification is needed to your vehicle.


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