Repairing The 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Bumper Cover


After discovering some dents and scratches on your 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper cover, there are essential repair tips you can do before much damage is witnessed or opting to replace the same. The repairs should be done immediately you notice any cracks, breakages or dents. The repair option is determined by the material of the dodge ram rear bumper, meaning there is no universal way of carrying the repair. A wrong approach to a material will cause more damage than good if you do it blindly. Whether it is OEM or aftermarket bumpers for Dodge, understand the following methods on specific materials that will give you good results when doing the cover repair.

Polyurethane Bumper Cracks:

With a crack on your bumper, try heating that region carefully not to melt it away. If using the correct heat gun, it is possible to melt back the plastic into the crack and seal it completely. If you cannot get that equipment, melt the plastic manually and patch from inside the cover to seal the. Use patches of the same color as the bumper to ensure a uniform finish. Be extra careful when heating the bumper of else you will melt your entire bumper.

Chrome Dents:

This repair option is mainly reserved for old vehicle models that have a chrome metal bumper. With a metal molding, it is easy and straightforward to mend and restore their look. All you require is a small wooden block and rubber mallet. The wooden block is placed inside the bumper to give the bumper outline and using the rubber mallet, knock it out gently. Do not perform such if the dent has caused a crease on the bumper because you could crack it now. This approach is not the practical to the covers of new models like the 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper.

Metal Bumpers:

The best way to deal with dented metal bumpers is using heat. To carry it out well, you need to detach the bumper from the truck and put it on a soft surface at your working area. The smooth surface is to prevent further scratching as you scrape it to the ground. Place the bumper in a position that its underside or the inside faces upwards. Using a heat gun, gently apply some heat at the dented region. It should not take long but just about forty seconds as you observe the changes not to make it reach the melting point. Ensure that it is hot enough but do not touch because it can burn your finger. Using the CO2 spray, spray the area liberally. The sudden cold on the hot surface makes it pop out. It is not 100% sure and fails at most times.

Whether it is the 2011 or 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper model, choose the appropriate method and not to worsen the current situation you are in.


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