Getting Rid Off Scrapes On The GMC Sierra Front Bumper


The only way to ensure that the GMC bumpers you have installed will last and serve their purpose for long is to care for them. The first step is to make sure that they are installed correctly if you intend to make the care worth it. Depending on the vehicle use, you will soon spot some scratches that mostly come from rocks that other small debris. It can be frustrating especially when you think of much time and resources you have invested in caring for it. That is a common thing to any bumper and GMC Sierra 1500 front bumpers are not an exception. Some scratches are also attributed to scraping against other vehicles while parking or the rubber barriers. If your GMC Sierra front bumper is made of fiberglass or plastic cover, you are prone to see many of these scratches. Even though the proneness to scratches, the plastic bumper is the best because it only gets scrapes in the event of a collision, unlike the metal bumpers that will dent.

As you spot several scratches on the surface of the GMC Sierra front bumper, it is time to clean them because they weaken the bumper with time and make your vehicle look ugly. Cleaning off the scrapes is an easy process, and you can do it in the comfort of your home garage. All you need is an eraser, aerosol tar remover, soap, water, and wax. Follow this simple process to restore the image of your GMC bumpers.

First, using an eraser, remove any rubber scrapes. Do it in a back and forth motions across the scratch till you see the rubber peeling off. Proceed with the motions until you notice that the scrape is gone. At that area, now spray an aerosol remover and allow it to remain on the surface for about 5 minutes. Proceed to buff the region using a towel in circular motions until the tar is completely wiped off. Repeat the process of again and wipe off again until the paint is removed.

Using soap and water, wash that area thoroughly to get rid of any paint residue or remaining rubber. On drying, apply wax on that a region using a clean towel in circular motions.  Rub the wax until you ensure that the area has regained its previous luster.

Follow this steps slowly depending on the size of the scrape you are dealing with. Whether it is an aftermarket or OEM bumper, the effect of scratches is the same. The process is universal and can be done to any GMC Sierra front bumper model of 2002 or 2013. Set aside enough time for this process because doing it in a hurry will only yield you poor results.


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