Little Known Facts About Ford Super Duty Bumper Replacement

ford super duty bumper

Has your truck been involved in a bumper bash up? Your first defense line in a low-impact crash is the bumper- it minimizes possible damage to the anterior and posterior ends of your vehicle. If that is the situation you are in, the Ford truck bumpers will come in handy. You can get a quick fix-up at any auto-repair shop near you.

  • Composition Of Ford Super Duty Front Bumper

Plastic is the most effective material used in a heavy duty bumper. Under this material, reinforcements of fiberglass, aluminum, or steel follow. The system also features an egg crate substance such as polypropylene foam honeycomb which compresses to absorb the impact energy that results from a car crash. Between the sheet metal and reinforcement bar is a distance that enhances protection.

  • Bumpers are different

The design and composition of a bumper determine the degree of protection of the rear and front ends of a vehicle. Some manufacturers compromise functionality for the sake of style and this affects the performance adversely. Compromised designs can lead to heavy repair costs on lights and other car components.

  • There is a bumper standard according to law

The government has put in place a rule that governs the performance essentials for vehicles in low-speed crashes. The standard bumper must provide protection to a parked car against 5mph collision from a vehicle of similar weight. The bumper must be mounted 16” to 20” above the ground and from there; the manufacturer may put additional protective materials. For instance, a passenger car, without front and rear bumpers, meets the bumper standard if it contains bumper guards at the corners. This standard is not universal and some designs such as pick-up trucks, SUVs, and minivans.

  • What is the best bumper

The 5mph is the benchmark speed at which the car bumper should prevent any damage but as a car owner, you want your bumpers to give more protection. However, the bumper manufacturer has no obligation to give more protection than the standard requirements of the federal law. By just looking, you cannot know what is good or bad. You should ask for more information from a trusted manufacturer to know what is best for your vehicle.

Countless low-speed collisions occur each day on the overcrowded roads and parking lots. Car bumpers are the parts that take the impact brunt, thereby saving the car owner heavy damage and costly repairs of vital parts like the exhaust system, engine compartment, and headlamps. If your truck has just been damaged, consider installing some new Ford super duty bumpers.


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