Reasons You Need Silverado Chrome Rear Bumper

Reasons You Need Silverado Chrome Rear Bumper

Is your vehicle’s safety giving you sleepless nights? You can install a number of accessories to enhance your vehicles performance and make it a secure asset. Some of the important components that should never lack in your car include brakes, air bags, seatbelts, and so on. However, there is one part which most people overlook yet is one of the things that ensure safe rides- Silverado 1500 rear bumper. Whatever model your car is, a bumper is a must-have accessory. It not only offers protection but also improves a vehicle’s appearance.

  • Protection

Onlookers notice the bumper first before anything else on the car. So, if you are selling your car, a 2000 Silverado bumper can make or break an impression of your ride. That is the reason you need an elegant and classy unit for your small car or a masculine, tough, and stunning bumper for your truck. Regardless of your vehicle’s size or shape, this useful accessory is sure to do a vital function which is protection against impacts and collisions. It prevents potential damages which would cost you a lot of money.

  • Appreciating the value of a vehicle

A vehicle is not a cheap investment and offers the owner a lot of conveniences particularly in transportation needs. It is thus fair to give a vehicle what it deserves e.g. a durable 2000 Chevy Silverado rear bumper. Unfortunately, mishaps are inevitable and they bring trouble by denting the rear end of your ride. Fixing the problem is not a pleasant experience because you have to cough some dime. Nevertheless you must repair the dent as soon as possible to avoid wrecking the appearance of your valuable vehicle.

Good news is that you can get a high-end Chevy Silverado rear bumper if the worst happens to your car. Regardless of your type of car- SUV, sedan, or truck- ask for a replacement unit from the experts. You don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money if you know the right person to do the repair.



Little Known Facts About Ford Super Duty Bumper Replacement

ford super duty bumper

Has your truck been involved in a bumper bash up? Your first defense line in a low-impact crash is the bumper- it minimizes possible damage to the anterior and posterior ends of your vehicle. If that is the situation you are in, the Ford truck bumpers will come in handy. You can get a quick fix-up at any auto-repair shop near you.

  • Composition Of Ford Super Duty Front Bumper

Plastic is the most effective material used in a heavy duty bumper. Under this material, reinforcements of fiberglass, aluminum, or steel follow. The system also features an egg crate substance such as polypropylene foam honeycomb which compresses to absorb the impact energy that results from a car crash. Between the sheet metal and reinforcement bar is a distance that enhances protection.

  • Bumpers are different

The design and composition of a bumper determine the degree of protection of the rear and front ends of a vehicle. Some manufacturers compromise functionality for the sake of style and this affects the performance adversely. Compromised designs can lead to heavy repair costs on lights and other car components.

  • There is a bumper standard according to law

The government has put in place a rule that governs the performance essentials for vehicles in low-speed crashes. The standard bumper must provide protection to a parked car against 5mph collision from a vehicle of similar weight. The bumper must be mounted 16” to 20” above the ground and from there; the manufacturer may put additional protective materials. For instance, a passenger car, without front and rear bumpers, meets the bumper standard if it contains bumper guards at the corners. This standard is not universal and some designs such as pick-up trucks, SUVs, and minivans.

  • What is the best bumper

The 5mph is the benchmark speed at which the car bumper should prevent any damage but as a car owner, you want your bumpers to give more protection. However, the bumper manufacturer has no obligation to give more protection than the standard requirements of the federal law. By just looking, you cannot know what is good or bad. You should ask for more information from a trusted manufacturer to know what is best for your vehicle.

Countless low-speed collisions occur each day on the overcrowded roads and parking lots. Car bumpers are the parts that take the impact brunt, thereby saving the car owner heavy damage and costly repairs of vital parts like the exhaust system, engine compartment, and headlamps. If your truck has just been damaged, consider installing some new Ford super duty bumpers.

How To Choose A Good Bumper For Your Vehicle?

I can’t tell which of my friend doesn’t love his or her car, neither can you. We all love the car we drive either it is new or old. So there is no doubt that we will do our best to keep our car safe from any physical damage. Therefore some of us use various kinds of accessories like guards, bumpers etc. to keep our car safe. Here in this article, we will talk about the various options of car bumpers available in the market by comparing each other’s prices, durability, looks, and safety.

No matter how good a driver you are, still you can’t determine how or when you will face a collision or accident in our life. Therefore a car bumper is as important as any other part of the car because it is the most useful part when it comes to the safety of the car. Apart from that, car bumpers make the car safe to drive in terms of improving the aerodynamics hence giving better mileage. So it is advised to change the old car bumpers if they have any cracks, dents or accident. Also, you can change the boring appearance of your car by installing a better version of the bumper.



Car bumpers are available in different material, size, style, and weights that all depends upon your choice in which you like to see your car. When you plan to buy a new bumper the first thing to consider is the material with which it is made from. The most common material used for car bumpers is thermoplastic because it is the most durable and affordable bumper. If you have a good budget then you also go for bumpers made from carbon fiber. Not only this material is super light but strong as well. These bumpers can bear more force and punishment that the thermoplastic ones.

You must have often seen older or vintage cars with shining bumpers. These bumpers are made of steel. They are quite heavy and very easily prone to denting. So unless you have a vintage car that does not look good in plastic or carbon bumper, you can opt for the steel bumpers.

When it comes to the custom styles and designs of the bumper you can choose from enormous options. So buy the one that enhances the looks of your vehicle. There are many companies who design and manufacture some great bumpers. You can also choose a bumper according to your daily needs as well. Like Roll pan bumpers are a good choice for those who have custom compact trucks like GMC Sierra Front Bumper. And if you require a lot of towing or you drive an SUV or a pickup truck then you can go for step bumpers.

Features of a Quality Ford Ranger Bumper


For the majority part of your Ford Ranger body, its bumper is the body part that continuously encounters collisions and impacts from the other object or vehicle. Due to this, it is unavoidable that your bumper will suffer every now and then with dents and damage and just because of this reason replacement Ford Ranger bumpers are provided in the marketplace with various aftermarket and genuine Equipment manufacturers. The point that vehicle bumpers manufactured in recent times do not have the similar quality from that with the genuine bumpers, can clarify why replacement bumpers are extremely-required in the market. The very first bumpers that were made belonged with heavy steel materials but latest ones were produced either with plastic, rubber or painted metal materials making these pretty much prone to damages even from minimum contact with other solid object.

Due to this case, it is quite essential to pick the best type of replacement Ford Ranger bumper to make sure the durability of service into your Ford Ranger pickup truck or vehicle. You will discover an enormous listing of replacement bumpers available in the market and due to this reason, it’s quite important for you to take the time out to check, investigate, research, examine and even compare the quality of every single bumper that you discover with in order to prevent the chance of meeting with such that speak lower quality. The internet is considered as one of the most appropriate places when picking for the best type of Ford replacement bumpers for your Ford Ranger vehicle. Here you will have the ability to access various type but you have the freedom to find out the information and facts of the item.

Your Ford Ranger bumper speaks more than just a part that functions within the aesthetic aspect of your Ford Ranger vehicle. Bumpers also play a quite essential role in protecting the underhood portions of the vehicle for example its radiator. And by making use of the bumper, the damage that would be developed from collisions and impacts would be decreased since bumpers use an energy absorber elements for example brackets or a foam cushion that assist inhibiting the forceful or minimal contacts.

Besides considering Ford Ranger Bumper, you can also consider some other related bumpers at the same time like Ford Ranger Off Road Bumper, Ford Ranger Aftermarket front Bumper, 2000 Ford Ranger front Bumper, 2000 Ford Ranger Off road Bumper, Ford Ranger Aftermarket Bumper, Ford Ranger Prerunner Bumper, Ford Ranger Tube Bumper, Ford Ranger Rear Bumper etc. since they are equally important like Ford Ranger Bumper. A bumper can be the most vital part of your vehicle since it increases the appearance and safety of your vehicle.

Reasons Why You Need a Ford F150 Rear Bumper


Safety is the buzzword that all car-owners swear by. People buy cars after looking at all the safety features a car has available in it. The rear bumper is a safety feature that enhances the protection of one’s car. Just like additional airbags, seatbelts, halogen lights and anti-lock brakes, Ford F150 rear bumpers too are considered extremely important feature of cars today. Though its main function is to provide additional protection to your car, they can also enhance the style quotient on the road as well.

There are two kinds of car bumpers available; one is the front bumper while the other is the rear bumper. They are reshaped metal shields that have been designed to do one thing: absorb the shock from a collision that is low-speed and minor. It is important to understand when choosing your Ford F150 rear bumper replacement that bumpers were not designed just to provide more security and safety to a car’s passengers, but also to enhance the vehicle’s appearance. That is the reason why rear bumpers have so many finishes available no matter which brand you choose.

A good rear bumper will also add to your car’s aerodynamic design and bring balance to the overall look. So when choosing a Ford F150 rear bumper, make sure that you choose something that not only protects, but beautifies as well. With more and more car-owners desirous of a pretty-looking vehicle, it is important to understand why the bumper was built in the first place. It was certainly not for appearance alone. That is why it is essential that one chooses a product that protects the vehicle first and gives it a shield against low-speed collisions on the road.

Choosing Ford F150 rear bumper replacement will ensure that one gets both appearance and protection. These bumpers were created to last long and give your car an added layer of protection on the road. There are several varieties out there and you can choose between different materials as well. A rear bumper will not only offer protection on the road but also protect your car in parking lots when there’s a rush.

Customization is the key to good looks and a fine-looking rear bumper can make a difference to your car. Whether you are looking for a replacement or not, make sure that you invest in a product that assimilates both appearance and functionality.

Getting Rid Off Scrapes On The GMC Sierra Front Bumper


The only way to ensure that the GMC bumpers you have installed will last and serve their purpose for long is to care for them. The first step is to make sure that they are installed correctly if you intend to make the care worth it. Depending on the vehicle use, you will soon spot some scratches that mostly come from rocks that other small debris. It can be frustrating especially when you think of much time and resources you have invested in caring for it. That is a common thing to any bumper and GMC Sierra 1500 front bumpers are not an exception. Some scratches are also attributed to scraping against other vehicles while parking or the rubber barriers. If your GMC Sierra front bumper is made of fiberglass or plastic cover, you are prone to see many of these scratches. Even though the proneness to scratches, the plastic bumper is the best because it only gets scrapes in the event of a collision, unlike the metal bumpers that will dent.

As you spot several scratches on the surface of the GMC Sierra front bumper, it is time to clean them because they weaken the bumper with time and make your vehicle look ugly. Cleaning off the scrapes is an easy process, and you can do it in the comfort of your home garage. All you need is an eraser, aerosol tar remover, soap, water, and wax. Follow this simple process to restore the image of your GMC bumpers.

First, using an eraser, remove any rubber scrapes. Do it in a back and forth motions across the scratch till you see the rubber peeling off. Proceed with the motions until you notice that the scrape is gone. At that area, now spray an aerosol remover and allow it to remain on the surface for about 5 minutes. Proceed to buff the region using a towel in circular motions until the tar is completely wiped off. Repeat the process of again and wipe off again until the paint is removed.

Using soap and water, wash that area thoroughly to get rid of any paint residue or remaining rubber. On drying, apply wax on that a region using a clean towel in circular motions.  Rub the wax until you ensure that the area has regained its previous luster.

Follow this steps slowly depending on the size of the scrape you are dealing with. Whether it is an aftermarket or OEM bumper, the effect of scratches is the same. The process is universal and can be done to any GMC Sierra front bumper model of 2002 or 2013. Set aside enough time for this process because doing it in a hurry will only yield you poor results.

Types of Materials Used in Making 2005 & 2006 Chevy Silverado Rear Bumper


If you have never been in a front or rear collision, you will not be in a good position to point out the benefits of installing quality bumpers. Their fixing absorbs such impacts and minimizes damages likely to extend to the rest of your truck. That is why you will need to carry out Chevrolet Silverado replacement bumpers from time to time to keep you protected at all times. That is why you need to ensure you settle for quality when you think it is time to replace or upgrade the same. You need to understand various bumper materials and the functionality of your truck. The 2005 and 2006 Chevy Silverado rear bumper model specifications may vary, but the material remains similar, hence concentrate more on the material aspect. The materials are designed to work well under certain conditions and are neither universal. If the current bumper has been good all through, consider replacing it with a similar one if you not into any upgrade or still with the same functionality. Understand the following materials as you shop around for the 2006 Silverado rear bumper;

Fiberglass: this is the standard material in most aftermarket Chevrolet Silverado replacement bumpers. It is lightweight, strong and easily repairable in cases of damages. You can fix the repairs on your own because it can be easily sanded and painted though it is less flexible than plastic. If you decide to install fiberglass 2005 Chevy Silverado rear bumper, you will be prone to many cracks on minor collisions because of its less flexibility.

Polyresin: this is the plastic majorly used by auto manufacturers and is sturdiest and resist impacts well. It takes the time to rip or crack, but when it does, in most cases it is not repairable. In case it bends or gets a dent, it is easy to pop out. The resistance aspect of this material is what makes it ideal for those who are newbies in off-road driving.

The Carbon Fiber: this is the best if looking for a lightweight, durable 2005 Chevy Silverado rear bumper. It is heat resistant and you as the owner can choose to paint or leave the bumper unpainted as per own preferences. The quality, however, differs from one manufacturer to other and therefore requires a lot of time when shopping for it. In the case of damages, it can be repaired, and its face restored but needs a lot of painting to conceal the repairs. They are costly and be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket if you want to install them.

The above three are among the common materials that are used in making bumpers. They come with pros and cons that you should weigh before settling for one that matches your tastes, preferences, and the budget.

Repairing The 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Bumper Cover


After discovering some dents and scratches on your 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper cover, there are essential repair tips you can do before much damage is witnessed or opting to replace the same. The repairs should be done immediately you notice any cracks, breakages or dents. The repair option is determined by the material of the dodge ram rear bumper, meaning there is no universal way of carrying the repair. A wrong approach to a material will cause more damage than good if you do it blindly. Whether it is OEM or aftermarket bumpers for Dodge, understand the following methods on specific materials that will give you good results when doing the cover repair.

Polyurethane Bumper Cracks:

With a crack on your bumper, try heating that region carefully not to melt it away. If using the correct heat gun, it is possible to melt back the plastic into the crack and seal it completely. If you cannot get that equipment, melt the plastic manually and patch from inside the cover to seal the. Use patches of the same color as the bumper to ensure a uniform finish. Be extra careful when heating the bumper of else you will melt your entire bumper.

Chrome Dents:

This repair option is mainly reserved for old vehicle models that have a chrome metal bumper. With a metal molding, it is easy and straightforward to mend and restore their look. All you require is a small wooden block and rubber mallet. The wooden block is placed inside the bumper to give the bumper outline and using the rubber mallet, knock it out gently. Do not perform such if the dent has caused a crease on the bumper because you could crack it now. This approach is not the practical to the covers of new models like the 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper.

Metal Bumpers:

The best way to deal with dented metal bumpers is using heat. To carry it out well, you need to detach the bumper from the truck and put it on a soft surface at your working area. The smooth surface is to prevent further scratching as you scrape it to the ground. Place the bumper in a position that its underside or the inside faces upwards. Using a heat gun, gently apply some heat at the dented region. It should not take long but just about forty seconds as you observe the changes not to make it reach the melting point. Ensure that it is hot enough but do not touch because it can burn your finger. Using the CO2 spray, spray the area liberally. The sudden cold on the hot surface makes it pop out. It is not 100% sure and fails at most times.

Whether it is the 2011 or 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper model, choose the appropriate method and not to worsen the current situation you are in.

Safe Use of The Installed Winches on Ford Super Duty Front Bumper


If you have had a bad experience of dirtying your clothes with grease and dirt while offroading or you are new to it, you need a functioning winch on your Super Duty front bumper. At first, it may not be a necessity but going through that nasty experience; you will think twice. As a newbie regarding winches, forget the good look the gadget provides on your ride but focus on the functionality. You can end a long journey you have planned for long just because you got stuck. As you aim to avoid such inconveniences, it is important to familiarize yourself of the winch and understand hazards associated with it. You’ve to practice on its use before the actual day you will need it. If you decide to add a winch on your Ford Super Duty bumper today as a newbie, get the following right:


The Winching Necessities:
There are steps taken when using a winch to ensure your safety as you efficiently rescue your truck. You need specific tools because the installed winch is dangerous when improperly used. Always have these things with you if you need to operate it; tree protectors, D-ring shackles, leather gloves, pulleys, snatch-blocks and cable blankets.  Once you master the necessary winching techniques, you can now edit your basic list to incorporate new or remove old inputs. Ensure you keep the slingshot clean for it serves you for a longer period. After use, always clean in preparation for the next time you will need it. If you spot any sign of fraying or tearing, replace it immediately.

The use of Trees for Help:
This is the standard self-recovery option for many drivers. Not all trees are recommended. You need to pick a strong, large and healthy tree to act as your anchor point. If you mistake and choose weak and hollow trees, there are higher chances that they will smash your truck’s hood and damage your Super Duty Front bumper. If the tree helps you at one time, then you need to protect it for future uses. Always use a tree-protector to prevent damaging it once a force is applied. The trees feel like they are being “hugged” instead of being strained by the winch. If using a single line to pull, connect the cable to the tree protector. Lay two cable blankets between the truck and the tree to absorb shock in the case of a mishap. This is the simple connection for self-recovery you need to master as a newbie if you want to begin on a good footing. If okay with it, you are now in an excellent position to learn other techniques for heavy recoveries.

If you are determined to install that winch on your Ford Super Duty bumper, the above points will prepare you well to avoid pitfalls in the first use.

Best Material For Your 2000 or 2003 Chevy Silverado Rear Bumper


Though we install bumpers for various reasons, their primary purpose is to be used and abused. It is functionally meant to offer protection in cases of impact collision. This is achieved by choice of the material used and the weight of the bumper. If you intend to replace or upgrade your 2000 Chevy Silverado rear bumper, it is important to go for quality materials but with recommended weights. It is important to understand several types of materials used in making the bumpers that translate to their strength and weight. The three primary materials used are carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Understand their capability below to enable you to make an excellent choice when purchasing one for your 2000 Chevy Silverado rear bumper.

Carbon Steel:
This is the standard material that bumpers are made from. This is because of its ability to withstand dents and resilience in collisions. Full sized rigs in these bumpers are 1/4” steel in the primary impact zone and the winch center, and 3/16” steel below the headlights. For half-ton full-size vehicles, the composition is 3/16” throughout. The main advantage of the carbon steel is that it is cheap to purchase and has a strong ability to absorb impact. The bumper weight is approximately 220lbs.

This is the material to go for if you want that brute strength. It is the best where weight is critical. To achieve that strength, the aluminum bumpers are 3/8” thick in the winch center and primary impact zone. Under the headlights is 1/4” steel composition. Its gusseting and geometry are well enhanced. Where the bumper is vulnerable, steel grill guard tubing is used, but its mounting use steel for the frame. The advantage of this material is the weight saving capacity of 90lbs over steel and resists corrosion. They come in a powder coated finish just like steel. That is why you can get in done in a silver powder coat or polished stainless steel. This material weighs approximately 130lbs on your 2003 Chevy Silverado rear bumper.

Stainless steel:
This is the stuff to go for if you want maximum strength and corrosion resistance for your 2003 Chevy Silverado rear bumper. This is because it has a higher power compared to the regular steel. Many prefer it for its ability to get polished to get the mirror finish. Capacity to resist corrosion and get polished are its main advantages. This material weighs approximately 220lbs.

From the above material, it is you to decide which one fits your budget and meet the needs of your Chevy Silverado.